Revlon Lip Magic!

Quite often I’ve got compliments on my lip shades and today I’m going to share the secret. Shh! It’s Revlon! Revlon has a great collection of shades and they are quite affordable compared to other options. They are smooth, shiny, silky and moisturising without being waxy or oily.  They last long and even when they fade a little, they don’t clump or form lines around your lips.

My love for Revlon began on a flight when I bought the Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Cube.  So I’ll start with that.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Cube

This is a collection of nine glossy shades, suitable for various complexions and occasions.  Some of these are my favourite shades as they go with almost everything and compliment my complexion well. I haven’t found this anywhere except when airplane shopping or duty-free hopping but some of the shades are available online and in stores. 

My favourites in this collection are:

1. Rum Raisin (Colour Code:535)

This is a beautiful shade perfect for everyday wear. It’s creamy and smooth with a glossy finish. Lasts pretty long and it’s the shade I’ve got the most compliments for. If I were to describe it, I’d say it’s kinda like a dark brick red shade. Anyways, top choice!

2. Iced Amethyst (Colour Code: 625)

Another beautiful choice. This is a pearl finish and a little glittery. Also long lasting and close to a pinkish- purple shade. Second favourite!

3. Coffee Bean (Colour Code: 300)

Who doesn’t love coffee?! Like the name, this is the shade of a coffee bean with pearl finish. Lovely brown! Lovely Choice!

4. Love that Red (Colour Code: 725)

 A risquè shade. Bright red, cremè finish. Goes well if you’re wearing red. Not exactly regular wear but sexy with the right attire! 

The collection also has a few great nudes and other lovely shades. 

Revlon Moisturestay

My next favourite Revlon collection. A set 5 beautiful colours in lovely, golden tubes. Ideal for daily use. When Revlon says ‘Moisturestay’, they are not kidding! The lipstick gives a very nice, tingly feeling when applied and moisturizes your lips all day long.  Again, I found them on Skysales and duty-free stores but I did see some of the shades on Amazon. This particular set comes with one free super lustrous lipstick. So its a total collection of 6. Frequent fliers, this is a good buy!

I love all the colours but my personal favourite is Crimson (Colour Code: 29). Dramatic, sexy, this colour is lovely and ideal for parties and special occasions. So, glam it up with Revlon Moisturestay Crimson! 

Revlon Delectable (Colour Code: 032)

Recently I wanted to find a nice matte shade and find I did, in the Revlon store! The Revlon Super Lustrous Delectable is a beautiful matte shade, long-lasting and perfect.  It’s similar to the Super Lustrous Rum Raisin… Almost a matte version of it.  A very Delectable buy! 

Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lip Colour

This is my newest favourite! I love love love this shade! It’s light, shiny and the colour is to die for! It lasts pretty long, doesn’t fade much and has a very smooth texture. It’s slightly more expensive but worth it! The package does look more purple than it really is. The colour is actually a glossy, pinkish-purple shade. 

I’m not usually a fan of lip gloss. I find them oily and easily vanishing. But when I went to get the Delectable matte shade, I found a lip gloss on sale and decided to try. It’s a great shade and looks better than other glosses but not as long lasting as I’d want it to be. However, it was a good buy and totally worth it. I got No.56 Embellished and it’s a lovely dark, purple shade available on Amazon!

And there ends my Revlon collection. Tried and tested for years! Feel free to ask me anything you need to know! Happy shopping! 

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