What Happens In Vegas!

Oh No! The dreaded Monday is back! Don’t be too blue though. In five days, you have something to look forward to! It’s gonna be Movie Night! And I will suggest a movie for you to curl up and watch on your weekend! This week is for the romantic comedy fans out there!  This one is a hilarious romance between two unlikely people in an odd situation and Boy! is it funny?! I’m talking about ‘What Happens In Vegas’!


Starring Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher, this is the hilarious drunken marriage between an uptight, career-driven woman and an easy-going, lazy guy. I know it’s a bit of a cliche but it’s quite hilarious and has a bit of a heart-warming story to it.  Both Cameron and Ashton fit perfectly into their roles and what more to say? It’s the kind of light-hearted fun you want at the end of a tiring week! And then there is Vegas with all its glitz and glam and gambling. Of course, there are two best friends who have their own jokes to play. Then there is a wedding and a slot machine win and Voila! Trouble! I’m not going to delve too much into the story… Watch it again or watch it for the first time and enjoy! 

Since this was released in 2008, I’m pretty sure a rewatch is in order. And if you missed this before, well, lucky you!Absolutely not suitable for children. So single it or couple up on the couch before you turn this on. Happy Weekend Watch!!!


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