The Wonder of Interstellar

Wake me up in the middle of the night to watch Interstellar and I’ll forgive you for wrecking my sleep. Ever since it’s release in 2014, I’ve not stopped obsessing over this mesmerizing, poetic gift from Christopher Nolan.  Every single moment is so fascinating, fictional and yet real, it’s hard to not love this masterpiece. Its greatness lies in reminding us that with all our arrogance, we are a small speck in the universe. There’s so much beyond us lying undiscovered and incomprehensible.  This humbling thought is indeed necessary, especially today to remind us that we need to preserve the little we have.

In a Nutshell

The movie is a sci-fi, adventure film, set in a future where environmental problems have risen to the point where the population and supplies have completely dwindled. Crop blight has destroyed all harvests and only corn is left. There are severe sandstorms and it doesn’t seem like mankind can survive much longer on Earth. Joseph Cooper,  a widowed ex-astronaut lives with his children and father-in-law.  His brilliant daughter Murphy, seems to think that there’s a ghost in her room tipping books from her bookcase. After observation, Cooper realizes that it isn’t a ghost but a gravitational anomaly which gives them the coordinates to find NASA that was working in secret. From here, the movie takes a turn as Cooper discovers that NASA is about to go on a mission through a wormhole into another galaxy to find a viable planet for mankind. They already had three planets in line and Cooper pilots the Endurance to visit each and find the right planet to move to.

This is just a nutshell of the plot. The love Cooper had for his daughter allows him to transmit a message to her through a watch he gifted her, a message containing the data required to manipulate gravity and move mankind to space stations, till a viable planet was found.

Interstellar excels in imagination, science and visual effects. Matthew McConaughey’s wonderful portrayal of Cooper as a father and an astronaut is perfect. And Oh! What a beautiful story! The movie shows the best and worst of mankind. Who could forget Matt Damon’s Dr.’Mann’? The perfect example of man’s selfishness and the extent he would go to; has gone to just to make things better for himself.


And we have another winner in this movie. Hans Zimmer’s music is the soul of the story itself. I’m still mad at the Academy Awards for not giving the Oscar for the soundtrack. There literally is no competition! Nolan made a movie about space exploration and Zimmer’s music is just out of this world. The music is just so tangible throughout the movie that it could be acknowledged as a character. Just mesmerising.

The Amazing Science

Of course, you cannot ignore the Science.  I’ve never been a fan of Physics but after watching this I was kicking myself for not realizing how fascinating Science could be.  I spent days afterwards watching lectures and reading up the fascinating theory. Both fact and fiction combine so well, it’s just genius. Black holes, time slippage, gravitational anomalies, frozen clouds, tesseracts – this movie is a Gargantua of amazing science! You would delve into reading for days after watching this because it makes you think and tweaks your curiosity to learn more.

Beyond it all, Interstellar has a wonderful message of love. Love that transcends dimensions and conquers everything. Love that keeps us together and brings out the good in us. In the movie, the love between a father and daughter literally saved humanity. Granted the daughter was a super brilliant genius. I still think the basic idea was love 😉 The Cooper-Murphy relationship is one of the most beautiful father-daughter relationships ever seen. His entire conflict is between his desire to follow his passion and yet make it back to his children, especially his daughter. Unlike the other scientists, Cooper had to make Plan A work and save mankind to save his children and keep his promise to Murphy.  And beating all odds, they finally reunite.

This is my favourite movie of all time. If you haven’t watched it, well, what are you waiting for? And if you have watched it, guess it would make a great weekend watch! Every little detail is just so perfect… The watch, the tesseract, space exploration, adorable robots, brilliant minds, mind-blowing music, this movie is perfection. So sit back and enjoy!


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