Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife!

Ah, dark comedies! For this week, I’m going to suggest one of those. I’m not always a fan of dark comedies but this one caught me by surprise. There I was one boring afternoon, wondering what to watch and just happened upon ‘Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife’.  I read the premise and mostly decided to watch it because it starred Donald Faison and Scott Foley, both of the ‘Scrubs’ fame.  And yes, it is a Must Watch.

Let’s Kill Ward’s WIfe, is a dark comedy about a group of close friends who encounter a terrible situation and are stuck handling it in a comical way. Donald Faison plays Ward, who is married to Stacy who is a horrible wife and human being. Everyone in the group hates her but tolerates her for Ward’s sake. Ward himself is stuck with her because they have a baby together. She makes his life a living hell and he has no way out. During a party, Ward’s friend Tom (Scott Foley) gets into an argument with Stacy and accidentally kills her. What follows is a hilarious plan to get rid of the body. No one cares that Stacy is dead and they hardly can contain their joy over it.  They make a plan to dispose of the body but constantly get interrupted by their neighbor who is also a cop.

The entire plot is built on the strong friendship these men share and in the excitement of the whole event, even broken relationships are mended. It’s surprising how underrated this movie is. It’s a  funny, cleverly written masterpiece. Even funnier is that the cast is entirely related to one another and they blend together quite well. So definitely add this to your list of weekend watches and enjoy!

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  1. Dolly says:

    Interesting plot… Love the way you write. It makes the reader curious..

  2. coffeefromspace says:

    Thank You…

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