Have you gone Kérastase yet?! 😉 

With all the ironing and straightening and curling and styling, hair has one huge problem to face and that’s the fact that it won’t stay on your head anymore! Yes, even with regular spas and care, you need a reliable shampoo that can help with hair damage and scalp care. After a bunch of tiresome trials and errors, I found Kérastase to be quite helpful with damaged hair. It’s not a 100% perfect but compared to other brands this is a far better option. It is silicone-free and helps to manage frizzy hair. There is a wide range of shampoos, masks and other products available for all kinds of hair and scalp issues.

It is a luxury brand and quite expensive but it’s a dilemma between money in your wallet vs hair on your head. A 250 ml bottle of shampoo is gonna cost around 30 $. The price varies, so you’d have to find where you can get it at the cheapest rate. So the pros are that it has a wide range that helps with specific hair issues, controls hair fall, frizz, and split ends. The con is that it is quite expensive for an item used on a regular basis. However, if you regularly style your hair with heating tools, this is kind-of an unavoidable option.  You could even go to the Kérastase page https://www.kerastase-usa.com/diagnostic-tool, which would help diagnose your hair trouble and suggest the right products for you to use. So no need to go to the pesky stylist who will chew your ear off trying to sell everything in her shop! 😉 Happy hair washing! 😀

Invest in your hair. Go Kérastase! 


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