Where to Eat in Krabi!

Ah! Thai food… Wonderful, creamy, spicy, delicious Thai food… Most of the time I push for our vacations to be in Thailand just for the amazing, authentic Thai food. Last time we visited Phuket and Maya bay and had the best basil chicken and rice in a tiny, little restaurant with a dear granny as head chef. So this time, the food was definitely something we looked forward to in Krabi. We were there for four days and had breakfast at our hotel but all other meals were outside. So I’m going to list the restaurants and food you’d want to try! Be warned, some yummy pictures are coming up which would probably get you running to book your tickets! 😉

Jungle Kitchen

Located in Ao Nang, this lovely restaurant had a lot of great reviews and we decided to drop by for dinner.  So there was this long line waiting to get in but were sent back because they had no reservation and the place was full. We were about to leave too when I just decided to walk in and ask if they had a table! Luckily it was just two of us and we were allowed to sit at the bar. In ten minutes, the sweetest waitress moved us to a wonderful table in the corner. So moral of the story is that this kinda luck hardly happens, so definitely make reservations!;)

The food is just amazing and the prices are quite reasonable. We ordered Fried Crab in yellow curry paste and Chicken Tom Yum. The crab was incredible! The meat cooked to perfection and the gravy was thick and flavourful. The Chicken Tom Yum Soup wasn’t that great. For some reason, we couldn’t find a decent Tom Yum Soup anywhere. The entire vacation seemed like we had a Tom Yum curse put on us, so I must say this Tom Yum was still better than the others!

And then we had the Mango with Sticky Rice for dessert! Oh, this wonderful dessert is just plain heaven. I’ve had this in a lot of places and the one here, is definitely the best! The sticky rice perfectly cooked, served with the sweetest Thai mango and yummy coconut pudding topped with crunchy rice flakes! Definitely worth a try! Check out the pics!

Thai Iced Tea
Fried Crab in Yellow Curry, Tom Yum Soup           
Thai Mango and Sticky Rice Pudding


Ton Ma Yom Thai Food Restaurant

When you land in Krabi, this restaurant is a must-visit that should be on your list. Authentic Thai Food at its best. Here, we ordered Basil Chicken with rice and Crab in green curry with rice noodles. We also ordered a plate of spring rolls and Green Mango Salad. One thing to remember here is when they say spicy, they mean really spicy! :O We said less spicy and could barely manage it. Luckily that problem was mostly confined to the Green Mango Salad since they add crushed Thai red chili! The crab in green curry was amaaaaazzzinnnggg… It was creamy, flavourful and just one of the most delicious things we had ever tried! Paired with the rice noodles, it was an absolute treat! The basil chicken and rice was also great and one of the best we’d ever had. Everything went well with good, old Chang beer!

Chang Beer
Basil Chicken Rice, Mango Salad, Spring Rolls                                                 
Green Curry Crab with Rice Noodles

 Live Seafood Restaurants

When you walk through Ao Nang, you are bound to see a lot of live seafood restaurants. We tried one and the food was pretty good. Not as good as the restaurants mentioned above. We ordered Fried Seabass in Sweet and Sour Sauce, Pad Thai and Crispy Prawn. The fish and the Pad Thai were pretty good. The crispy prawn was very oily and had no flavor. Unfortunately, I forgot to note the name of this restaurant… I know, irresponsible me! However, I do have pics! 😀

Fried Seabass in Sweet and Sour Sauce
Pad Thai, Crispy Prawns

Street food

You cannot ignore all the tiny stalls full of pancakes, satays, icecreams and various other street food. They are quick bites and quite delicious. We didn’t get to try a lot because I was mostly filling up with tender coconut water! However, we did manage to share a couple of Thai Pancakes and Satays and they were yummy! 

Barbecue Chicken Satay
Thai Banana Pancakes with Honey


  • Beware the spice. If you are not a fan, you need to make that clear while ordering food.
  • The Jungle Kitchen restaurant is a must-visit. So make reservations a day before.
  • The Thai Iced Tea has kind of a strong, weird flavor. I’m not a fan.

With that, I’m coming to an end of the Krabi posts. Hope you found this useful! Happy travels! 🙂




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