McDonald’s Hokkaido Salmon Burger

So McDonald’s came out with a new burger. The Hokkaido Salmon burger – A companion to the classic Fillet-o-Fish. I’m sorry, but this is is just a bad burger. 

For starters, it’s half the size of what you see in the picture. It’s too fishy. The burger has a small salmon patty topped with cabbage and helping of onions (be warned-that was an unpleasant bite).

The add-on of fries comes with a new sea-weed shaker. That one was quite alright. All in all, this burger isn’t as good as the others. It’s certainly not worth the price they charge. So you could probably just skip it all together!

If you do want to try something new, they now have a ‘Happy Sharing Box’ of wings and nuggets. It’s the same old wings and the good old nuggets but now they come in a box. Oooo Creative! Come on McD! You can do better! 

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