Sex and the City!

Ladies, it’s time for Ladies’ Night! This week, the Weekend Watches is for all the lovely gals! So get ready – It’s time for cocktails, glam, fashion, and drama! This week watch Sex and the City and Sex and the City 2 back to back!

You can say what you want about the movie and the series but it’s plain old guilty pleasure. The fashion, the fab, and oh! the shoes! Yes, it’s better to watch the movies after watching the show but they work pretty well on their own too. 

Sex and the City: The Movie

It’s the much-awaited wedding! Big and Carrie are finally getting married! There’s a fairy-tale wedding… There’s the bigger than a fairy-tale Vivienne Westwood dress! And then a fairy-tale honeymoon! But then things don’t go exactly as planned, do they? Big old Big does love being a flight risk! So if you haven’t seen this movie, you’re in for a treat! There is no boring moment! It’s funny, sassy, luxurious and glittery!

Miranda and Samantha could probably run the world and Charlotte will find a way to bring laughter 😉 Jennifer Hudson appears to bring Carrie back to life and well, be her assistant. So twists, turns, makeovers, and travels later, do we get the happy ending, we want?! Well, I don’t want to spoil the surprise if you’ve missed this movie.

Sex and the City 2

So what follows a wedding and a honeymoon and a few years? A baby? Nah… Not Carrie’s style! Sex and the City 2 came with a brand new wedding! Samantha? Well… She’s the only one left… But she does hate marriage… So who is getting hitched this time?! Find out! And believe me! If you could dream of something to have at a wedding, this one would have it! Swans! Chorus! Liza Minelli! You name it! It’s all there!

Also, we’ve seen the girls in New York, LA, even Paris! So this time they’re taking a luxurious trip to Abu Dhabi and guess who they run into?! Aidan Shaw! Will this mirage jeopardize their marriages?! Also, Samantha gets into trouble in the conservative environment.  Miranda on the other hand perfectly fits in and turns out to be a lot of fun! Charlotte opens up about the trials of being a mother and of course, Carrie has a li’l trouble to sort after running into Aidan!

So ladies clink your cocktail glasses and get ready for a glitzy weekend watch! 


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