Hello all! Back after a short break, I’m here to review the new comedy series ‘Ghosted’. Starring Adam Scott and Craig Robinson, ‘Ghosted’ is definitely worth watching if you enjoy fantasy series with a funny twist.

In a nutshell

Adam Scott plays Max Jennifer, the genius professor-turned-salesman who writes a book on multiverse and gets fired from Stanford. Craig Robinson plays Leroy Wright a policeman-turned-mall cop, a skeptic. Both of them have incidents in their lives that force them to leave their careers. They are then recruited by ‘The Bureau Underground’, a secret government organization dedicated to research and eliminate paranormal activities and creatures that are a constant threat. The episodes are quite interesting an revolve around Leroy and Max’s hunt for the supernatural forces. Max also has a back story of a wife who was actually abducted by aliens. This is a continuing plot that is quite engaging to watch unfold. 

Why it’s a Must-Watch!

The series has a very interesting theme to start with. Inexplicable phenomenas and paranormal creatures are always a crowd-pleaser. Yet they are not scary or gory like horror flicks tend to be. The Bureau Underground is a bunch of funny and interesting supporting characters who add to the show’s charm. The only problem I found was that they need to improve on their animation of these supernatural creatures. They barely show them and if they do, it’s dark and unclear. So yup, that’s something to work on! Apart from that it’s pretty entertaining among the new shows. So enjoy!



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