Chicco Bravo


Having a baby opens a whole new world of shopping and I spent most of my last trimester figuring out everything for the nursery. The perfect stroller search started much earlier because I wanted a travel system with the car seat to bring the baby home. After a buttload of research, reading a million reviews, watching a trillion videos, we finally decided on the Chicco Bravo travel system. Although we had our eye on a few other choices, once we actually saw the strollers, Chicco Bravo became the obvious choice.


The Chicco Bravo is very efficiently designed. Perfect height and width with great wheels.

It is sturdy, easy to fold and has good endurance.

It looks pretty good too. 

The Keyfit Carseat

This is one of the highest rated car seats for safety.

I did wonder if a newborn would be comfortable in it, but our baby was perfectly fine in it right from the hospital.

The car seat can be easily attached and detached from the stroller.

The belts have shoulder pads to stop them from digging into the baby.

It is also pretty easy to remove the cushions and clean.

The only problem we have with the car seat is that it does get pretty hot. The material is not breathable so it gets too hot.


The Chicco Bravo has a lot of space below the stroller to hold the diaper bag and shopping bags.

There are four cup holders . My husband first asked are cup holders ‘that’ necessary in a stroller. My answer forever is a huge ‘YES!’ They are absolute life savers. They help to hold bottles when mixing formula. They help to hold the pacifiers you’ll suddenly need. And they’ll hold the occasional coffee and fruit juice mommy needs to sustain! 🙂


I waited to write this review to check how the stroller handles travel. We recently travelled with the Chicco Bravo and it did not disappoint.
We were able to take the stroller right up to the gate, where the flight attendants stored it and returned it the minute we got off the plane. 

The stroller endured travel quite well. We did walk a lot on roads and there were no issues.

Again, the seat does get hot and we did have to take the baby out from time to time, because of that. 


Compared to other brands, Chicco Bravo has a great price. It’s a complete travel system, so you wouldn’t have to buy a car seat separately.

It comes with all accessories like cup holders that you’d need to buy separately with other brands.

Depending on where you buy it from, you could get it on a range of 500-600S$.

All in all we are very satisfied with Chicco Bravo and love it!😊 




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