Holiday Inn Resort Phuket (Not Recommended, Here’s Why)

Since we recently had a baby, we were seriously lagging on our travel goals and decided to do a short trip to quell those pesky travel thirsts. Our baby . is still pretty small and we didn’t know how she would handle flying and travel in general. So we planned a short flight and decided to book a resort so that even if we didn’t go around much, a resort would have more things to do. We didn’t want to take any risks so we went ahead and booked the Holiday Inn Resort, Phuket as it’s a big name and had great reviews.

The hotel does have positive points when it comes to location and staff but all in all I wouldn’t recommend staying here.


I’d like to start off with the positive. The resort is in a great location. With the Patong beach right in front, it’s a great spot for activities like island tours, parasailing etc. Also there’s the town with great restaurants and shopping areas.

Staff and Management

The staff are very polite and address all issues. They are quick to provide solutions and are very hospitable.

Now diving into the negatives:

Size of the resort
The resort isn’t very spacious as you’d want it to be. It’s a bit cramped. Especially if you decide to have relaxed resort stay, this is a problem as you’d get bored very soon. When we went a lot of the property was closed for renovation and this limited the already small space.

Old and not well-maintained

The rooms are old and not well-maintained. We had booked standard rooms and it had rust in the bathroom. The floors and furniture were old and the entire room was quite uncomfortable. We complained about the rust and everything and the guest services did upgrade us to a better room. This was after we viewed a couple of other standard rooms, all with the same problem.


The entire resort has a very dingy feel to it. The lighting is terrible. By 7:00 pm the pools are closed and the whole area has no light at all, even though there is a restaurant right there. The rooms are dimly lit. There are very few lights and there is no daylight option. The corridors were so dimly lit that it was literally scary to come back after dinner.


As I said before, we booked Standard rooms but they were not good. We were upgraded to a Deluxe room. This is a pretty good room with much better amenities. The Standard room is way too different from this in quality. Considering that it’s the same hotel, I feel there shouldn’t be so much difference in quality! All the rooms are generally spacious but require maintenance.


The general areas are quite clean. However, there we sofas in both rooms that were very dusty and couldn’t be used. They’ll change the sheets if we ask them and sometimes the sheets are stained and quite dirty looking. The rooms . require deeper cleaning as there is upholstery on the walls which are very dusty and causes allergy. The appliances in the room are also pretty old. We had a lot of trouble with the kettle on the last day which ruined all the bottled water we had. And a kettle was very necessary for us since we had to make formula for the baby. After this experience, I’m definitely carrying my own kettle for the next time.

All in all if you intend a relaxed stay in a resort, this is not the right place. It’s noisy, small and quite dingy. Apart from the location there is nothing great about this resort and it’s not worth the price. In short, Holiday Inn Phuket does not live up to its name.

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